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Natural body care

Feet oil from Midgard

You use feet oil to keep the skin of your feet soft and nourished. But applying feet oil does something else. When applying foot oil, you immediately feel your feet relax. It’s great to apply in the evening before going to bed. You can massage your feet just before going to sleep. You can feel the relaxation from your heel to your toes through your feet. Midgard feet oil smells wonderful, and by massaging your feet with the oil, the last tension of the day disappears. So a good start to the night. Midgard foot oil consists of natural organic oils and herbal extracts.

Which oil is good for your feet?

Midgard feet oil includes essential oils for feet, like olive oil, but has a unique recipe with several types of oils. All essential oils for feet are of the highest quality and chosen for the properties that are beneficial for feet care. In addition, essential oils, including those of rosemary and silver fir, have been added for a unique, delicious scent. Because, oils for body care are not just for the skin, the nose wants something too. With oil for feet care, it is about the entire experience. At least, that’s what we believe in. Taking care of your feet should be a ritual. In Chinese acupuncture, the foot is used as a ‘map’ of the body for a reason. Massaging your feet can relieve all kinds of complaints, also elsewhere in your body.

Oil foot care

Essential oils for foot care, it’s a golden combination. Although your feet are little exposed to the external influences, foot care is important. A frequently asked question we get is, “which oil for dry feet?”. The Midgard foot oil has of course also been developed for this purpose. We have added herbs to the essential oils for foot care, including the herb mugwort, which has a good effect to nourish the skin. And well-nourished skin is soft skin. If you are looking for a solution for dry feet, then there is a good chance that our foot oil offers the solution.

Enjoy a foot massage with Midgard foot oil

As mentioned, applying feet oil can become a daily ritual that you can enjoy intensely. Massaging your own feet, or those of your partner, with Midgard foot oil, make it a special moment. Taking care of our oil for feet can give you a nice result after just a few uses. You use essential oils for feet as a short-term solution for many foot complaints, but also for the long term. You will notice the real result after years, when your feet continue to have a wonderfully youthful skin. That is the power of good, caring oil for feet.

Oil for dry feet

Oil for dry feet is one of the most common reasons why people order foot oil online from Midgard. However, foot oil is a part of foot care that helps prevent all kinds of complaints. So give your feet good care every week or every few days to prevent complaints. Oil for dry feet, that’s our essential feet oil for sure. If you know that your feet are having a hard time, you can apply a thin layer of foot oil in the morning before you put on your socks. Are you going for a long walk? Or are you going to enjoy a day of skiing or snowboarding in the mountains? Or are you just going to rollerblade in the city? Do your feet a favor and take care of them in the morning with Midgard foot oil.

Use of Midgard foot oils

The use of Midgard foot oil is very diverse. Hereby a quick overview of the use:

  • The essential oils for keeping the skin soft
  • Oil for cracked heels, people often also suffer from calluses or dry feet
  • We often hear that people experience our oils as the best oil for dry feet
  • Essential oils for athlete’s foot
  • The combination of essential oils for smelly feet makes it very effective
  • The scent of essential oil for feet pain makes it pleasant to oil your feet
  • For those looking for essential oils for itchy feet
  • Also delicious in a foot bath or if you are looking for a rosemary foot bath
  • The foot oil essential base for tired feet

Midgard feet oil for businesses

Are you looking for a foot spa foot oils of essential oils for pedicure? You can also order our foot oil for business. Also feel free to contact us. We are happy to look into the possibilities of supplying your spa, pedicure practice or wellness resort with feet oils and other essential oils for body care.