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Natural body care

Midgard at fairs and events


Every summer Midgard attends trade fairs and events. Here you can try our skin care and hair care products. This is useful for getting to know new care products. The fairs are mainly in the North of the Netherlands. If you are curious about which trade fair we will be attending soon, please send us an email.

Which care products to test?

Many people have a fixed skincare and grooming ritual. This can exist of only one product or a combination of several care products. It can be wise to assess once in a while whether your care ritual still suits you. This also includes trying new products. When environmental factors change, adjusting your care products is important. It’s possible that you are more outside, then the Midgard facial oil is a good product to prevent your skin from drying out. Do you swim a lot in the summer? Then the Midgard natural hair oil is indispensable to take care of your hair. Are you a man who grows his beard? Then don’t forget to use our Midgard natural beard oil. With a beard oil you prevent your beard from itching or from getting irritated skin after shaving.

A product for every person and every activity

You can try out care products at the fairs and events. You smell the wonderful scent of flowers, herbs and essential oils. You can buy products that you need, or that you will need soon. A good example is the Midgard foot oil for when you are going to walk the ‘Nijmegen Vierdaagse’ or another long walk. Having a nice foot oil with you helps prevent pain and blisters and keeps the skin supple.

Invite Midgard to your fair or event

We love having direct contact with our customers. Fairs and events make this possible. We get feedback from customers and we get suggestions for new products that people miss. Are you organizing a fair in the field of cosmetics, health, nature, plants, gardening or do you see another match? Let us know and we’ll be happy to visit.