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Beard oil for care and growth

Beard oil should not be missing in beard care. Taking care of your beard consists of stimulating growth and improving the quality of your beard hair. You can buy Midgard beard oil to care for a starting beard, but also for a full beard and to care for the underlying facial skin. Whether you have a nice Viking beard, a short beard, only a mustache or want to grow your beard; Midgard beard oil will definitely please you. Due to the natural ingredients in our hair care and beard products, it is suitable if you are looking for beard oil for sensitive skin. Both the natural ingredients and the wonderful scent make Midgard oil for your beard the best beard oil. Try it yourself. You can buy our beard oil online. Or read on, we are happy to tell you more information about our beard products for men and give tips for beard growth and care.

Buy Beard Oil

Buy Midgard beard oil for your beard care? You can use a bottle of beard oil for months. The use of beard oil depends on the length of your beard. When grooming a short beard, you only need 2-3 drops at a time. To take care of a beautiful Viking beard, about 10-15 drops per session are enough. If you use it as mustache oil, one bottle will serve you for months. Take care of your beard after showering, this can be in the evening or in the morning. The beard oil gives a nice shine and absorbs quickly. At Midgard we also use our beard oil ourselves, from our own experience and from that of our customers we can say with certainty that it has a wonderful effect.

Best beard oil

Our goal is not to make good beard oil, we want to offer the best beard oil. We do this with 100% natural and high-quality base oils, essential oils and herbs. At Midgard we grow the herbs ourselves. We select the herbs based on the properties of the plant. Our beard oil recipe is a secret, but just to lift the veil, the scent comes from patchouli. A lovely woody, masculine scent. In perfume, this is also often used to give a luxurious touch.

Natural beard care

If you’re looking for natural beard care, Midgard has the best beard oil you’re going to find. The base oil and herbs are even of organic quality. The herbs are grown in the Netherlands. Of course we also make our beard oil here in the Netherlands. Without chemicals and 100% vegan and not tested on animals. Midgard natural beard oil for men is essential in your range of beard care products.

The unique scent of Midgard beard oil

By choosing a natural oil for beard care, it does not mean that the beard oil is odorless. The scent comes from the herbs and essential oils. When choosing the products for your beard care, smell is certainly important. The scent of Midgard Beard Oil comes partly from the patchouli and a number of other oils and herbs. It is not a dominant, but has a masculine scent. Describing a scent is difficult, but we can say that men certainly appreciate the scent of Midgard beard oil. Besides, we also often hear that women like the scent of our beard oil on their man.

Take care of a short beard with beard oil

It is sometimes thought that only taking care of a long beard is necessary, but also taking care of a short beard or stubble beard is important. Trimming and shaving means your beard hair and facial skin have to endure a lot. Whether you are looking for beard oil to take care of a short beard or if you want to take care of your stubble, the Midgard beard oil will certainly please you in these cases too. What is the best beard oil for short beard? An oil that also cares for the skin. Midgard beard oil also softens the skin and ensures that your beard hair gets a beautiful natural shine. You can also see the care you do with a short beard or a stubble. You will see that the quality of your beard hair improves and the beard oil stimulates growth. It may just be that you shave less and less often when you see how beautiful your beard can become.

Can Oil Stimulate Beard Growth?

The answer to the question whether oil can stimulate beard growth is ‘no’. But to the question whether there are herbs that have a positive effect on beard growth, the answer is yes. Stimulating beard growth with the best beard oil for growth and thickness is therefore possible. We process herbs in the beard oil for beard growth. Of course beard growth oil cannot make hair where there is no hair growth, but they can thicken the existing hair, take care of it and thereby stimulate growth. We often get the question “does beard oil help beard growth?”, whether this specifically works for you, can never be said with certainty. That the Midgard oil for beard growth takes care of your beard, makes your facial skin soft and moisturizes; that’s a fact. It is certainly a good reason to order Midgard beard oil and to try if our beard oil for growth also works for you. In any case, the scent is wonderful and you will notice that it can make your skin more beautiful. Read on for more beard growth tips.

What other beard care products?

It is important to take care of your beard and skin. You do this with beard oil and possibly with beard balm. In addition to these moisturizing and caring products, you can supplement your beard care set with a beard comb or beard brush. To stimulate beard growth, you can also use a beard roller or derma roller in addition to the oil. This also activates hair growth deeper in the skin. The best beard care is a combination of hair and skin care. The contents of a care set is very personal, depending on your wishes. Once you start taking good care of your beard, you won’t regret it. And after a few purchases you will have your beard growth kit or beard grooming kit complete.

Tip for beard growth

A bit off topic, but important if you came to this page because you are looking for oil for beard growth. In addition to using beard growth oil and using a beard roller regularly, it is important that you start shaving so that the beard hairs become thicker. In addition, do strength training or power lifting, which can increase your testosterone level. And good to know, the hormone testosterone is stimulating for beard growth.

Beard balm or oil?

Beard balm can be used during the day to style and care for your beard at the same time. What is the difference in using beard balm or beard oil? Beard balm is thicker than oil and it is difficult with beard balm to take care of your underlaying skin. The question is not to use beard oil or balm, both serve a different function. When you want to style your beard or mustache, beard balm is essential. However, it does not replace beard oil that penetrates much deeper and also softens and cares for your skin.

What is the difference between good and cheap beard oil?

Midgard beard oil is certainly not the cheapest beard oil. Due to the high quality natural oils, essential oils and self-grown herbs, it cannot be a cheap beard oil. The quality is not comparable to beard oils with chemical additives. We believe in natural care. Our caring oils are made without unnecessary additives, chemicals and are of course vegan and not tested on animals!

Buying beard oil for individuals and companies

Midgard beard oil and our other products can be ordered for individuals and companies. Are you a barber and are you looking for a amazing beard oil for your customers? Then get to know Midgard beard oil. Order beard oil online or contact us. We are happy to see if we can schedule a demo.