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Natural body care

Face oil Malva-Rose

Facial oil is a natural way to tighten and improve the skin. Oil is essential in face care. Our malva rose oil for face can moisturize and soothe dry or irritated skin. This rich, natural face oil is perfect for all skin types, and yes, even if you’re prone to acne. Immediately after using the Midgard facial oil, you will see an improvement. Using face oil gives you a healthy glow. We want to make the best face oil for glowing skin. But also for protection. Because in the long run, you will maintain a healthy, youthful and glowing skin. Malva rose facial oil is worth a try, especially if you suffer from skin irritation. Think of a facial oil for dry skin due to east wind or freezing cold in the winter or from bright sun in the summer. A good facial oil nourishes and softens the facial skin. Facial oil is different from general skin oil, the ingredients are soothing to the fine structure of the skin of your face.

Regular use of oil for facial care

Midgard facial oil is one of the few face care products recommended for regular use. Oil should be part of your daily facial care. First of all, a face oil is moisture regulating. In addition, oil refines your pores. If you’ve ever wondered how to get tighter skin, this could be the remedy. Good face care starts with preventing dry skin. But facial oil does more than just keep the skin supple.

Facial care and protection

This is where Midgard face oil excels: it leaves a protective layer on your skin that prevents outside pollution. It is a 100% natural facial oil that contains herbs and essential oils for face. It can rejuvenate your skin by maintaining moisture levels. You can apply facial oil to towel-dried skin at night before going to sleep or in the morning after washing.

Natural facial oil contains nutrients for your skin

Another advantage of natural oils is that the facial oil consists of pure, cold-pressed base oils, such as almond oil, wheat germ oil and avocado oil. These oils are rich in vitamins, such as A, B, D and E. They also contain lecithin and pantothenic acid. As a result, our facial oil feels wonderfully soft and provides facial skin with the nutrients it needs to moisturize and soothe dry, irritated skin.

Preventing skin aging

Many of us are prone to dry, flaky skin, which can make us look older faster than we actually are. While many face creams are full of chemical ingredients that can temporarily give you a fresh look, they don’t address the real cause of dry skin: lack of hydration and protection. The good thing about a natural facial oil is that it regulates the essential building blocks and moisture in the skin and nourishes dry skin through the natural ingredients. The result is soft, supple and radiant facial skin!

Facial oil for men, women and children

Facial oils have always been part of women’s face care rituals. Today, they are also becoming more and more popular with men. They are also safe and suitable to use for children with dry skin. Although children do not need facial oil against wrinkles, they benefit from a healthy and clean skin. Especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors or often swim in chlorinated water. A natural facial oil can also help with skin conditions. But always try first on a small part and in consultation with your doctor.

Face oil for men

For men, the Midgard facial oil can be used as an after shave, to protect the skin from dryness and roughness after shaving. Instead of just using after shave, face oil for men can be an alternative or supplement.

Vitamins for your skin

A facial skin care routine almost always consists of several face care products. There are many excellent face creams on the market that contain vitamins A, B or E. You combine creams and oil for optimal skin care. Make sure your facial skincare products do not contain petroleum or chemicals that can clog pores. You can use Midgard also as a cleansing oil for face and neck.

Facial care with natural oil for face

There are different types of oil that are suitable for use on your face. Almond oil, wheat germ oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, sesame oil, but also sunflower oil, safflower oil or corn germ oil are good for the skin.

Highest quality vegetable oils

We choose the highest quality vegetable oils for our products. Because there is also a difference in the quality of oil. All of these oils help replenish the moisture and fat content of the skin, which counteracts dryness and helps prevent wrinkles. Whether you want a face oil for dry skin or against wrinkles, usually the same oil or combination of oils provides care for both. In addition, oils can act as an effective antibacterial agent, meaning that they inhibit the bacteria that cause irritation.

The best facial oil for face care

The best face oil is one that contains the right ingredients to replenish the skin’s moisture and provide essential fatty acids. An anti-wrinkle facial oil aims to keep the skin flexible and nourished. The best combination of creams and oils contain grapeseed oil, shea butter, avocado oil and essential fatty acids. Midgard facial oil is more than just oil. The oil works together with the herbal extracts that contain tannins, mucilages, vitamins and minerals. These formulas not only visibly moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, but also leave it looking healthier and feeling softer. At Midgard we want to make the best face oil, we hope that our product will also find a place in your daily routine.

A bio oil for face

A great natural bio face oil is wonderful to use. Before going to sleep, apply a thin layer after washing into the still damp skin to effectively care for your skin during the night. In the morning you can also massage in a few drops after washing your face to protect your skin against dirt and weather influences.

Organic quality oils and herbs: cruelty-free and vegan

Natural oil is extracted from plants and seeds, almost all of them of organic quality. Midgard oil for your face is not tested on animals and is completely vegan. For the ingredients, the choice is made for plants that mainly grow in the Netherlands. The herbs extracted in the oil come from our own organic herb garden. This makes it a local and sustainable product. The scent is fresh, sweet and floral, which is why many people use it on their skin as an alternative to perfume. Due to the subtle, natural scent, this oil for the face is wonderful to use.

Why does facial oil work so well?

Along with the antioxidant vitamins A, B1 and B2 and D, natural facial oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which also stimulates circulation and the production of collagen. The best facial oil for dry skin contains essential fatty acids, as well as amino acids, which are necessary for cell regeneration and collagen production. A facial oil works well when it works together with the skin’s own sebum. The oil supplements fat deficiencies and helps or slows down fat production if the skin is too oily. The effect of the skin oil for the face is a combination of superficial protection and a deeper effect in blood circulation, moisture and fat regulation. In addition, a good facial oil provides the nutrition that the skin specifically needs.

Facial oil before or after cream?

Apply facial oil after cream. Oil can go through the moisturizing cream, but a cream will not penetrate the facial oil well. This is the protective layer with which you can also keep dirt out of your skin during the day. But for your skin care routine, apply facial oil after you put on the day cream for both of them to work.

The combination facial oil for oily skin seems contradictory, is it so?

Can facial oil counteract oily skin? Yes, oily skin is a sign of unbalanced skin. Because oil for the face can restore balance, face oil for oily skin can calm the skin down over time.

Do you have skin problems, are you allergic or do you use skin medicines?

Consult with a qualified dermatologist if you are looking for solutions to skin problems, have allergies or are taking skin medications. Always check the ingredients list for personal care products and make sure that the product does not contain any ingredients that you are allergic to. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Why Midgard Skin Oil?

It is a moisturizing face oil.

Face oil for dry skin can nourish and protect.

Use our bio oil for face wrinkles. Using the face oil against wrinkles will keep the skin flexible.

Treat oily skin with face oil by restoring the balance.