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How do you choose the best beard oil for your facial hair and skin?


How do you choose your beard oil and can the best beard oil really make a difference? Is it just a trend? You’ll read it in this article. Nice to know, the image is not a stock image, it’s Bob from Midgard. I use the beard oil ever since we made it.

Beard oil is a care product for skin and hair

Beard oil is a care product for men designed to be applied to facial hair. It can make a difference in your beard hair and facial skin. It is important to know how beard oil works and how it can be beneficial for your beard. You can use a beard oil whether you have a long beard, a short or stubble beard, of even if you shave as an after shave. You can read why beardoil should be used in the article.

Choosing the best beard oil

The best beard oils are made with natural ingredients and are designed for beard hair and for dry skin that needs some extra hydration. You should use beard oil as a daily care product. This can be in the evening, but also in the morning because it is quickly absorbed and has a scent.

Is beard oil necessary?

Beard oil is an essential product to use for beard care. It helps to keep your beard better conditioned. It also helps with the itching that some men experience because of their facial hair. The best time of day to apply beard oil is in the evening or in the morning before you go out. In addition to protection, it gives your beard a full and healthy look. After a while you notice that the quality of your beard hair improves and feels better.

Which beard oil to buy?

There are many different beard care products on the market that are made specifically for beards, so it’s important to find the one that works for you and your needs. The different types of beard oils currently on the market can be divided into natural beard oil and beard oil with a chemical origin. We at Midgard believe 100% in natural care products. In our view, they are more nourishing and offer the option of incorporating herbal extracts. In addition, they are sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan.

Is beard oil a trend?

There are more men with beards, and grooming products for men have been developed and are since known to everyone. But beard oil is not a trend, it is essential in the grooming for men who want to keep their beard healthy and conditioned. There is a wide variety of beard oils on the market today, but it is important to know which type of oil will work best for your needs. Midgard beard oil is definitely worth trying. The reactions we get are very positive and we of course use it ourselves.

Tips for buying beard oil

Finally, some tips to find the right beard oil for your face and beard. Here are some things to consider when choosing a beard oil:

  1. The composition of the product – The composition is a mix of base oils. Midgard beard oil also contains essential oils and herbal extracts enriched for beard growth.
  2. The structure of the oil – Midgard beard oil absorbs quickly and then continues to form a protective layer. You feel it when you have washed. Then your beard will feel a lot drier and rougher. Try it yourself. 99% sure you want to use Midgard beard oil again after washing.
  3. You must like the scent of the beard oil. Midgard care products, including the beard oil, use essential oils. You know this from aromatherapy, among other things. We use of course essentials oils suited for body care The effect of the scent is no different, it gives a wonderful scent and provides a relaxed feeling. We test the smell of our beard oil with a test panel of men. Of course we are also curious about your feedback about Midgard beard oil.